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From Blogger to Podcaster ~ Join me for The Frankie Files

Now at   Weekly Tuesdays. In The Frankie Files, I use my time as an entertainment writer, my college radio and studies of voice over, as well as my own survival story to shed a light on cults, mind control, sexuality in society, and the challenge they present in today's world for any of us who have successfully stayed alive.  Especially the adult children of cults.  In 2021, due to the pandemic, I had the extra time and solitude needed to write my memoir about surviving a cult and sexual abuse. In addition, I reconnected with my mother and had her support in recalling the story and detailing it where there was amnesia. I could not have written my memoir without my mother. Confronting this was like walking across the Sahara desert alone. But, I did it. I am very proud of the book and my three edits of it. Now I am currently shopping for a publisher which is quite a lengthy process. I assure you that the book will reveal a shocking story that has never been to
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The Amazing Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar Containing the "Mother"

  Here we are again. 100 years since the last pandemic, not much in science has changed: wear a mask, social distance and so forth. That's all they could tell us until the preventative vaccines came along, and even they hold no guarantees. Harkening back to what works I have recently stumbled upon an amazing natural food remedy that has pretty much changed my life. It's just fermented fruit at its core, pun intended, and it's just apples. 

One Love Cali Fest 2018 Shows Ticket Holders No Love

Easy Star All Stars greeted by police and sniffing dogs. Photo from their Instagram  post 2.12.18.

My Hometown Has Been Co-Opted By Conservatives, But LBC Values Live On

Having been born and raised in Long Beach, I was in for a shock in returning that I hadn't prepared for. I knew things had changed, because friends and family had told me about raising rents (no rent control) and disappearing arts, music and culture. But I also found that the epic laid back attitude of Long Beach has also been challenged. Oh no... At its core my city is still as popular as ever for subversive counter-culture, (Snoop Dog, Sublime) skateboarding, water adventures, culinary delight, adult education, and festivals. And you cannot even mention Long Beach, without mentioning the Queen Mary , which has a hotel and events park that is beloved to locals and visitors alike. 

Through The Roots V.I.P. Experience Review, Federal Bar Long Beach, CA Mar. 22, 2017

Left to right: Taylor, Evan, Budda of Through the Roots These last couple years have been fun for reggae. As I settled back into living in my hometown of Long Beach, California, I have found many great reggae shows including live dub, conscious, and roots music events . Many of you may not know but Long Beach (aka LBC: Long Beach California) was a mainstay of live reggae in the early 90's, birthed Sublime, and has always had a ton of islanders as its inhabitants. Lucky us. 

How One Love Cali Reggae Fest '17 (Year Two) was a Raging Success and Failure Feb. 10-13

A review of Friday and Saturday One Love Cali Fest by Frankie Tease  One Love Cali Fest '17, Rebelution, One Love Stage Atmosphere Feb. 10-13 The One Love Cali Reggae Festival , in year two, (previously at OC Observatory Santa Ana) decided to bring the fest to Queen Mary Park in Long Beach, CA. There are a lot of notes on how the event could could be improved should it go forward into 2018 but I'd like to thank the organizer  Jeffrey Shuman  for his decision to move it to my home (native) city of Long Beach and to the Queen Mary Events Area.  Other iconic events have found a home there including: Shoreline Jam (#), Ink & Iron, Scots Festival and more. May the One Love Cali Reggae Festival run long.

'Yoga on the Bluff' Creator Continues Indoor, Outdoor Classes, Adds Online Learning (Video + Audio)

Photo by Ashley Strong Not your typical 'hippy', many years ago, Dharma Shakti began her path at age 19 in the Ayervedic arts. Dharma went from massage and healing to teaching yoga and motivational speaking, rooted in the spiritual. Named by the Long Beach Post as one of the "40 Under 40" in 2013, she has taken her business model forward and touched a lot of lives in doing so. Considering the amount of patience it's taken her to expand, get her own studio space, and train teachers, Dharma's small business story is worth note for many reasons.